AmpLee's Gameballs and Lameballs vs NO

Promoted from the Fanposts. 

Before I hand out the GB's and LB's, yesterday was actually a great sign for the Rams.  They have come so far in such a short period of time that I think that I completely orerreact as the plays unfold during these tough games. I lose sight at where the Rams sit as a team right noiw.

The Rams aren't good enough to be a Super Bowl winner right now.  They might squeeze out one miracle playoff win if they play a perfect game.  They might just get the playoffs and we would all be happy they got there.  They might not even make the playoffs falling short by probably a game.  All these scenarios are a fact.  No wiggle room.

Here is where I am very proud of these guys as a fan:  They don't quit.  They ALWAYS play hard.  They ALWAYS want to improve and win.  These are the ultimate ingredients for winners and the Rams have them hands down.

What doesn't bother me, at least this season, is a mix of things they can and can't control:  Execution and a deep talent pool.  Both things, however, WILL come very soon.  There wasn't as big of a difference between the Rams and the Saints yesterday as we might think.  I know that sounds crazy and some won't agree with me but I firmly believe we are very close to being a very competitive team as early as next year with this year as a perfect opportunity to learn from games like ATL and NO.  The answers are right in front of their faces and they have the will and desire to learn from those answers.  It is much different than lst year where we all didn't have the faintest clue on where and how to improve.


Coach Spags:  If you turned on the TV on in the 4th Quarter and wasn't able to see the score, you wouldn't be able to tell if we were up by 3, down by 3, or tied.  This team never quit, never lost its desire to keep going, and never showed "loser" body language.  That starts with the coach.


Dick Curl:  I don't know if anybody noticed this during the game, but, QB coach Dick Curl was fucking furious after King Sam's 2nd Redzone Int.  Furious.  But... the way he sat next to Sam and didn't show him up, but didn't coddle him like a superstar gave me a good feeling.  He was like a pissed off Grandpa who loved his grandkid and was doing everything he could to not woodshed his ass with a switch like HIS Grandpa would have.  They couldn't even look at each other.  It was funny.  At one point Sam says over his shoulder, "I know, coach, I know."  Awesome.


Chris Chamberlain:  One of the better special teams players in the league.  Proves it week in week out.


Bradley Fletcher and Craig Dahl:  NIce picks to stop the bleeding.  Very good players for the core of this team.




King Sam and SJax:  We all know what happened.  The silver lining is that I don't think they will have games like this for the rest of the year and they BOTH screwed up in the same game against a team that no one expected us to beat.  It's like getting the flu while you were already in the middle of a monster hangover.  "Thataboy....get it all out...there you wanna sleep on the cold tile?.......ok.........just rememeber you are sleeping on a floor and it's gonna hurt your back, ok?.....thataboy..... get your hair out the toilet..........ok.......I'm gonna go to bed now.....need anymore help? I got some Gatorade and Alka Seltzer for you tommorrow........ok?....yell if you need anything......Goodnight...."


The Trenches:  The Saints put a clinic on both sides of the ball in the trenches.  Instead of the Rams looking at what they did wrong on Sunday, they should look at what the Saints did to them. 


5 DBs around 1 receiver catching a ball:  Is Drew Brees that good?  I guess he is, but, dammit, that was frustrating.


Time to go 3-0 to close out the season.  This was a perfect game to piss of the club house a little.  We shall see.

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