2011 Draft

I realize that we dont have all of our draft picks, considering a pick was used to acquire Clayton and maybe others but this is the general direction that I would like the draft to go in.

1st Round

Bruce Carter-OLB-NC

In the first, I like Bruce Carter a lot and think he is a huge play maker from Carolina, not to mention our tremendous need for a play maker at that position.

2nd Round

Marcus Cannon-OG-TCU

I took Cannon in the second because we need a guard to provide a push for our line and he seems to have the size to provide that push.  I, however, admittedly have seen little to nothing of this player, but I am trying to emphasize the need for a dependable guard this off season. 

3rd Round

DeMarco Murray-RB-OU

I have us taking demarco murray in the third because he seems to have a good amount of upside and he could also spell jackson in the near future.

4th Round

Dwayne Harris-WR-ECU

In the fourth, I took Dwayne Harris from ECU because adding another competitive receiver to the corps would only help.  I think adding one earlier than this would serve to ignore greater needs which would hinder the team in the long run.  Harris is a dynamic player for ECU that I think is better than advertised because he players at a rather small school.

5th Round

Casey Matthews-OLB- Oregon

In the 5th round I have us taking Casey Matthews from Oregon.  I feel adding another capable OLB to the team would add to the competition in that group.  Having watched Casey Matthews play a few times, I have been impressed and feel that he could become a big contributor to an NFL team.  My big concern is that he will go earlier than this due to his pedigree.

6th Round

Mark Legree-S-App State

In the 6th round I took Mark Legree from App State.  I feel that our team needs help at that position opposite Atogwe.  Dahl is capable but adding a possible play maker in the 6th would be great.  Legree gets lost at times and has a ton of room to develop, but he always seems to be around the ball and the number of interceptions he has had throughout his career speaks for itself.

7th Round

Kai Forbath-K-UCLA

In the 7th round I have taking the highest rated kicker in the draft.  I don't think we need one right now, but I know Josh Brown isn't getting younger and last offseason he seemed more concerned with Jack Ass than football, which seemed to show in the beginning of the season.  Hopefully this will light a little fire under him.



Note that this is purely to fuel discussion.  I have us ignoring DE because I am currently stuck on the idea of getting Kiwanuka in free agency.  Also another OG in free agency would be ideal.

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