Thoughts, Opinions and a few things you should Consider!

I have been trying to keep up with the frenzy of activity that has arose on our site as of late.  From FanPost about Shurmur to the recent possibilty of acquiring Randy Moss that has taken off like wildfire.  I wanted to throw out a few thoughts and see if we can't take a step back and look at this current situation. 

Current State of the Team:

-The team with a year and a half under their belts in these current systems are finally looking more confident on the field.  The defense especially. 

-The ability to be in every game (Detroit away in the 2nd Half) has shown a definite improvement in the overall growth of the team.  Especially since we have surpassed the win totals of the last 2 years combined. 

-Going into a Bye week sucks because that means No Rams Football this weekend.  However, it is very much needed.  when your team lacks depth... you need those guys that sit at the top of the depth charts to be healthy.  The problem with most injuries is that they need TIME.  Something of which is a luxury no often given in the NFL.  This Bye week will be key in allowing the WR core rest up.  Allowing for Butler, Smith, Jackson, and a slew of others to rest their battered bodies.

-Veterans playing their parts in the growth of our team.  Like my SF Giants, the Rams brought a few disregarded/forgotten players this year and they have had a big part in the success of the team.  Robbins and Diggs to name a few have had a strong hand in this (As did Clayton before he was injured).

-Pat Shurmur has been ripped by many on this site...not to say that it is without good reason, as I think everyone questions the play calling from time to time.  Most O-coordinators attempt to stretch the field to give their players the coveted 2 keys "Time and Space".  Yet, it seems that week after week, Shurmur allows the field to stay compact (favoring the defense) making life difficult on his players.  With that said, he has developed his go to move in the Red Zone...The "No step drop, quick dump to the right"  He has hit Amendola 3 times with this play (2 for TDs) and a TE once (I wanna say Fells, or Hoom).  He needs to get more creative as Defenses will adapt to his tendencies.  His trickery has grown and his creativity has had some success.  Yet, he constantly hits the stagnant 3rd quarter and leans on Jackson to go up against an expecting defense.  The way I see it, is that he is growing into his role as a play caller...slowly evolving.  I do believe he will get better with time.  

The thing that I want to point out for people is that Shurmer made his mark as a QB Coach, something that people often overlook.  He spent 7 seasons coaching and developing Donovan McNabb and then Kevin Kolb before joining the Rams in 2009.  Coaches often times revert to what they are used to.  If you haven't recognized by now the growth of a young 1st overall drafted QB by the name of Sam Bradford, then either you live in a bubble or you refuse to give credit to where credit is due.  Shurmur has been key in the development of Bradford coming off of his year long break from competitive football.  He has made the transition to the NFL a bit easier for out talented QB.  To say that it was all Bradford is a bit negligent.  I first took note of this during one of Spags post-practice interviews, where he stated that "Pat is going to do what he does best...that's teach.  He has always been a Teacher to QB's and he is going to continue to do so".  He later defended some of the play calling, but it is apparent that Spags values his mentoring of the young QB more than other things.  I want to make sure before we go to lynch the man, that we give him props for something that has done so well.  With that in mind, I will be keeping an eye on the play calling very closely.  Continue to show me growth and I will be ok with it. 

-WR position has not been kind to us this season and now that Randy Moss, the biggest name to hit the waiver wire in a long time, buzz has started as it often does with the possibility of the Rams finally bringing in a big name.  Sure Randy has talent, draws attention on and off the field.  Sure we need another target for Sam.  Could he be bad for the locker room and the young guys on the team?...maybe.  Could he come in and play incredibly to get that contract extension he has been looking for?...also a maybe.  Personally, I would love to have Moss on paper, however it doesn't match to what we have done over the last two years.  The Rams have been able to grow as a TEAM by staying out of the media spotlight and developing a foundation of core values and expectations for a redesigned team.  They have stayed away from pulling the trigger on polarizing, attention driving individuals (TO).  So to think the team will bring all the craziness that surrounds Randy Moss right now doesn't seem likely.  Enticing? Yes. 

Likely? Not really. 

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