Moss, yes thank you!

  Now by the time a lot of you read this Moss may be with the Seahawks or 49ers and we will learn all about what having Randy Moss on the roster means to a TEAM!  Anyway, I have been reading all kinds of posts and comments that were frankly not well thought out at all.  So I will list the facts and not someone’s opinion of Randy Moss.

- For the last three seasons he has started ALL 16 games of every season.

- In those three seasons he has averaged 83 catches for 1,255 yards and 15.7 TD's

- He will only be under contract for this season but, he may stay if we make the playoffs this year.

- We can cut him the second he acts up, if need be.

- He is a hall of fame receiver that can still produce in the top echelon of the NFL.

- Steven Jackson and Sam Bradford would greatly benefit from him pulling a safety and a corner out of play.

  These are facts and can not be disputed. That crap that I have been reading is strictly opinion and an uniformed one at that.  Moss, may be a problem or may not be, he could be the missing link to take us deep into the playoffs and maybe not. 

  Now for my opinion and some supportive facts.  We have a stud RB, a QB that already does things that take a normal QB a few years to learn and we have a good defense.  The only thing we are missing is some semblance of a WR.  Our receivers right now suck so bad it's almost comical.  With 8-9 in the box they should be putting up 11 catches and 135 yards a game easily.  Yet they have proven over and over that they can not catch, can not get open and are well, just turrible!  The reason our 3rd and 4th quarter production has been way down is because we have no passing game once teams latch onto the 5 yard routes and shut down Amendola.  I forget who posted it but, someone posted our 3rd & 4th quarter scoring stats before and after Clayton got hurt and it is very obvious that he was the difference.  Now, we do have the 3rd richest owner in the NFL and no salary cap to limbo under so there is really no reason what so ever not to grab him.  

  The Jets went to the Championship game with a similar turn around.  It took 3 things to do so...a good defense, a good coach and the ability to strike from the ground and the air.  We have all but one of those pieces of the puzzle. So don’t give me your crap about "we aren't ready lets lose so we can get AJ" or "we aren't winners yet!"  What?!  If we win the division (which is more than possible) we have a shot in the playoffs and it’s “ready or not, here we come!”  The entire NFC has been weak if you haven’t noticed.  If fact the NFC leader has one more win than we do! The Saints can be beaten, the Ginas can be beaten,  the Pack looks like crap so, lets go for it!  Moss isn't going to use up one of our precious 50/50 raffle draft picks nor is he an iffy talent.  Seems like a no brainer to me.  Can’t wait to read all about the mental damage he would do to our fragile "Rookie of the Year" QB and how he has been such a problem for his entire career yet the dynasty of the 2000’s picked him up and greatly benefitted.  Get real and go Rams!

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