Rams V. Broncos: Team Grades

I posted my opinion of the Rams Offense last week along with grades for each of their units. Since it got pretty positive responses, I thought I would try and do the same thing this week with both sides of the ball and then let you guys rip me apart on the message board. Here we Go:


Yesterday was definitely the most solid passing effort our offense has made all season. This grade would be an A if only our Running game had more success


Sam Bradford had his strongest game of the season. 300 Yards, 3 TD's, and ZERO Turnovers. When was the last time a Rams QB pulled off that stat line? It feels nice to see Cardinals, Seahawks, and 49ers fans cringe in their seats at how good this guy is. I cant wait to watch him next year when we get him some dependable weapons!

RB: C+

This was a poor day for Steven Jackson. He still DID manage to pile up 72 rushing yards however. Although a great deal of his struggles yesterday can be attributed to poor interior offensive line play, he still seemed to do too much dancing in the backfield. A man of his size needs to be moving more down hill and less laterally. He is fast for a big guy but he is not that fast. I expected more against a weak Denver Defense. Side Note: Kenneth Darby did score a TD and looked pretty good yesterday.

WR: B+

These guys always take a ton of heat from Rams fans but yesterday, they looked damn good. Danario Alexander was a great addition yesterday and picked up some long gains for us. Robinson and Gibson were able to get open frequently and easily and Amendola continued to be the heart and soul of our receiving core with another solid performance. The arrow is definitely pointing up for this unit. 


What a game for this unit. Hoomanawanui showed some great agility on his TD run. And how about Billy Bajema? 2 TD's! These guys were getting open easily and making plays all game. Hopefully the Uh-Oh ankle injury is not as serious as initially anticipated. Great game for Rams TE's



To start off with the positives, Saffold and Smith did a great job of containing the edge and protecting Sam Bradford all game. He was not sacked against Denver which bodes well for our pass protection. Now for the negatives...I HAVE NEVER SEEN A GROUP OF 300 POUND MEN GET MANHANDLED MORE IN MY LIFE! (Besides Cortland Finnegan at the Hands of Andre Johnson) Adam Goldberg played pitifully yesterday at the RG position and Jacob Bell proved ineffective yet again in Run Blocking. With such weak offensive guard play it is nearly impossible for us to run the ball effectively. Does anyone else want to see how Renardo Foster would fair at Right Guard instead of Adam Goldberg?



Why is it that the Rams Defense is one of the most dominant second quarter defenses in the league but one of the worst fourth quarter defenses, maybe of all time? This is something that needs to be addressed and fixed by Steve Spagnuolo and Ken Flajole IMMEDIATELY! 20 fourth quarter points is entirely unacceptable


DE's: A, DT: B+ 

Long and Hall have been the heart and soul of our defense all year and yesterday was no different. They made plays all day and pressured Orton consistently. Our DT's got eaten up by the Denver run game early but eventually settled down and played solid for the remainder of the game.

LB's: B+

Jame Laurenaitas had a great game, especially in pass coverage, which was a pleasant surprise. He is really a complete package MLB and a great leader on our defense. The most notable play on our defense however was the fumble recovery by Na'il Diggs in the second half. This was a great heads up play by Diggs who actually played pretty well yesterday. 


Bartell and Fletcher got eaten alive by Royal and Lloyd for the 1st, 3rd, and 4th quarter (The Second Quarter the Rams Defense channels the Beast and play like animals!). I am blown away by how poorly this unit plays, especially towards the end of the game. Bartell and Atogwe are supposed to be veteran guys who we can count on when the game is on the line but for some reason they are MIA when we need them! Atogwe did force a fumble so I gave them a C- and not a D...Im very generous!


We recovered a fumble but we also got a punt blocked. Pretty inconsistent play from this unit yesterday. I also wish Gilyard and Amendola would take one back one of these days!!!



The offensive play calling was pretty solid overall yesterday. Shumur was taking chances down field and made our offense look effective. This grade would be an A- but he turned on auto pilot in the 4th quarter and almost lost us the game again. 

Defensively I was horribly disapointed in the coaching. The fact that we continue to play so well in the 1st half and fall apart defensively towards the end of the game is a SERIOUS problem. Flajole and Spags need to talk to this unit and stop this BS before it costs us any more games!


There they are... You are now free to rip me up!

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