Breakdown for the Rest of the Season

No emotion here, no bitter regrets. Let's just take the balance of the season game by game, with an eye on the SeaF*cks and see whwre it could all end up. Shall we?

Coming out of week 11, the Rams are 4-6. Seattle 5-5. For right now, we'll ignore Az and SF.

Week 12   Rams at Broncos   (Seattle vs KC)

Oh crap. Another road game. Eventually, we have to win one of these right? Is this the one? It had better be if we wanna stay in contention because Seattle could beat KC at home. Can we beat Denver? Yes. But...they are just the type of team that scares me. No running game to speak of, they throw the ball all over the yard and come up with the occasional big play. If they play like they did on their first drive Monday night against San Diego, they'll kill us. If they play like they did the rest of the game, not so much. Don't much like playing in Mile High, ever. I say we win this,though and the Chickens fall to KC at home. RESULT: Rams 5-6   Sea 5-6

Week 13   Rams at Cards   ( Seattle vs Carolina )

Win 2 in a row away from the dome? No way! YES way! We owe Az one from week 1 and they suck a lot worse now that they did then. Granted, they've played better at home but they've won with special teams and defensive scores. We won't give 'em that crap. Plus...we'll have the confidence of having just one one on the road. We better have because Seattle ain't losing to Carolina. RESULT: Rams 6-6   Sea 6-6

Week 14   Rams at Saints   ( Seattle at SF )

Easy one; Rams ain't beatin' the Saints. Period. Seattle ain't beatin' the 49ers at the stick. Period.

RESULT: Rams 6-7   Sea 6-7

Week 15   Rams vs Chiefs   ( Seattle vs Atlanta )

Rams back at home HAVE to beat the Chiefs. And they will. It's a good match-up for the home team. Meanwhile, Seattle is losing badly to the Falcons. RESULT: Rams 7-7   Sea 6-8

Week 16   Rams vs 49ers   ( Sea at Tampa Bay )

Payback for the lucky-ass 49er win at the Stick. The Rams handle the 49ers in a close one.Tampa Bay provided a nice blueprint for how to beat the 49ers; load the box against Gore and keep Smith from scrambling around. We can handle that at home.  No way Seattle wins in Tampa. RESULT: Rams 8-7   Sea 6-9

Week 17   Rams at Seahawks

Seahawks win in a blow out. Why? Because Bradford, Jackson and all the other starters play for about 5 minutes owing to the fact that we've already clinched the division. RESULT: Rams 8-8   Sea 7-9  Rams win NFC West

And in case you're worried about the 49ers at 3-7? They go 3-3 to finish at 6-10.

Now, before everyone tears into my ass and picks this apart and tells me why I'm full of shit...let's just all agree that it COULD happen this way. Right? I could be off a game or two but there's margin for error. Maybe we lose to Denver. So...we beat Seattle in the last game. Maybe we fall to KC. Maybe Seattle beats SF. Maybe, maybe, maybe...

NO, WAIT!  My predictions will prove to be rock-solid!!! This IS the way it will play out.

And if I'm wrong, I will pay each and every regular contributor here on TST $1000.00! That's right! That's how sure I am.

Just kidding. I'm not paying anyone a damn thing! But let me have my dream for just a minute. Really, it's not all that unrealistic. Now...on the other hand, if we blow it in Denver and Arizona...forget all this shit. I'll just keep on drinkin' and being glad we're a helluva lot better than last year.

Happy Thanksgiving, Rams Nation!!

Go Rams!!



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