Mooners Observations of the ST Louis Rams


Mooner would be my pop who doesn’t post here, but loves the TST and reads most of the posts and articles here. He has been a Rams fan since they were the Cleveland Rams with a probowl 800 ton brontosaurus named skullsquisher at right guard. Sorry dad, just kidding I will talk to you next Sunday! Anyways, we were talking about the loss to Atlanta last night and he had some key observations that might help us all understand this ST Louis Rams football team. More after the jump....if I can figure out how that works...



1. The Air Shurmur System, Wide outs are Tight Ends and Tight Ends are Wide outs:


Breaking down the Atlanta game, you can see this quite clearly.


Hoomanawanui YPA 11.5/ long 25

Fells YPA 11.0/ long 11

Amendola YPA 7.9 / long 18

B Gibson YPA 8.4 /long 13


See this is precisely why I have been telling you guys the trade for Randy Moss would have been a complete bust. The Rams are actually perfectly fine at Wide Receiver, what they really need in next years draft is a Tight End that can take the top off the defense!



2. How Spags is similar to Phil Jackson of the Lakers and your childhood T-ball coach:


Some of you Laker fans probably already know what I am talking about. It’s the 3rd period; the immensely talented Laker bigs are as usual making a mockery out of the opposing team in a 70 to 40 rout. All that is left to do as a fan is kick back, keep eating the popcorn and watch the Lakers cleanup. Then it all starts going wrong, one by one the starters start getting subbed out and soon they are all sitting on the bench. The opposing team completely demoralized and going through the motions just so they can pack it up with a shred of dignity goes on a mini 5-0 run. All of their starters go back in the game and close the distance in short order. The Lakers sub back in their starters but by now are not in the flow of the game and struggle mightily to finish it!


Ok Spags doesn’t do this exactly...well maybe he would if the Rams were ever actually routing someone early in the game, who knows. But watching Bradley Fletcher stand up Turner the Burner, Tackle him for a loss, and breaking up really makes the decision to start Dockery against the 9ers a huge head scratcher. Unless you view Spags as you neighborhood T-Ball coach/Phil Jackson whose motto is everyone must play!


I mean what else explains the fact that the Rams down by two scores sub Bajema in for Illini Mike. The T-ball coach just turns around and says "Ok, who hasn’t played yet?”:Bajema raises hand: "Ok Mike, you have played very well, but we have to get everyone to play now so you need to let Billy have a turn!"


3. The Ram Oline pushes off the line of scrimmage about as far as Jackson's vertical leap!


Man what an odd 3rd and 1 that was to watch in slow motion all of our lineman pancake out and Jackson not being able to find a way to jump over that for the first down!


4. The Tampa Bay game was probably the game that determined the Rams season as far as playoff contention or not.


Seriously, that game must have been a huge blow to the Team mentally. Had they won that game, I think the SF game would have had a different outcome.


P.S. it’s all in good fun, I mean no ill will. Actually my pop commends the Rams for many good things that they do. Like starting Bradford...spags could have easily decided to start Feeley because he was a veteran. I thought the Rams played very hard, but this game like many other ones show that the Rams still need some playmakers in some key areas to compete for and in the post season.


I also note that the coaching staff does seem to learn from their mistakes. Notice that the Rams did go for the 50+ yard field goal try this time around.

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