What Makes a #1 Wideout or as we call it in the locker room WR1

Greetings Fellow Rams Fan Brotheren & all that mushy stuff; I will probably piss a lot of you off but that is not the intent. To answer a question from awhile back I played Fullback for University of Memphis from 07-09.


Now, alot of people are whispering well rather yelling about a #1 WR; but the question is what makes one? Is it being 6'5+(Randy Moss) is it having 100 catches (Wes Welker) is it being hella fast (Desean Jackson). I mentioned the names because they all share one thing in common. They are established as the Top WR on their teams. I think that people tend to confuse WR1 with the "X" receiver. The X receiver is usually on the right side of the QB. The "Y" is on the Right and Z would be the slot in 3WR sets. {Playbook Talk}

Steve Smith is not extremely tall, he does not have the "Megatron/Moss" affect, neither does Miles Austin, or D. Jackson. Yet they are the number one WR. I am just now starting to believe the Danny A hype but if you can rememeber what Avery was doing with Sam or even Clayton. I think that WR will be a strong point for us next year. No Big name FA needed, No AJ Green or Julio Jones. Think who did Elway throw to? Rod Smith Ed Mccafefery did either of them blaze buy anybody or out leap players. Look at Brady or my 2nd favorite QB, next to Sam of course, PEYTON MANNING! Marvin Harrison was not hella fast nor did he jump for any ball that I can remember. Other than running great routes what does Reggie Wayne do thats OMFG.

Clayton had a reputation of having stone hands in Baltimore, and he has had his share of drops here, but are they enough to complain about? Avery has injury problems true enough, but he can catch. The point that I am trying to make is that WR is a very hard position to learn on the next level, route running is complicated its an artform not just guys getting open. With time I think our group can be very strong

2011 RAMS WR

Mark. C

Donnie A.

Danny A.

Brandon G./Mardy G.

Danario A.


Calvin Johnson, Brandon Marshall, Larry Fitzgerald, Roddy White, hell even Vincent Jackson are the exceptions; they are physical freaks but answer me this how many more rings do they have than our guys?

 Disclaimer: DX was an UNDRAFTED FA with one half of incredible game! We can say he is not healthy or the coaching is bad or whatever but fact of the matter is he was on a practice squad for a VERY LONG time without anyone snatching him? I hope the kid has a great career but to think that he is our WR savior is foolish

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