Why the Rams should not claim Randy Moss

First, let it be made perfectly clear that I am aware of Moss's talents. I am aware of what he can do for an offense, by forcing a double team via a deep safety at all times stretches things wide open, especially for the slot receiver. I am also aware that the Rams have only 3 healthy receivers on the current roster. But here's why I say no to Moss.


1. If you're not a contender, then you're rebuilding. Now, one might argue that with Randy on board, the Rams would have a decent shot at winning the NFC West. That is true, but the NFC West is shockingly horrible. The winner of this division is a playoff team by default; in other words while the division winner may be a "playoff team", they will most assuredly be annihilated in the first round of the playoffs. It's too early to project final standings, but it looks like the NFC West division winner will have to play one of the following teams for the Wild-Card Game: Saints/Falcons/Giants/Eagles.No way any team in this division can win in January against any of those teams. My point here is that even with Randy Moss, this team isn't going anywhere this year.


2. Even if we claim Randy, he's not staying past this year. There is no way Randy is spending the last few years of his career on an up and coming team. He's looking to win a Superbowl. It is likely that there will be no salary cap this off-season (paging Dan Snyder), there will be many legitimate contenders that will be willing to give Moss a shot. In other words: he is a one-year rental.


Now I'm getting conflicting reports between NFL Network and ESPN as to the financial situation when Moss is claimed off waivers, but this is what I have gathered: when Randy is claimed off waivers, the team that claims him picks up his current contract. IF Randy clears waivers, then the Vikings are on the hook for his contract, and Randy is free to double dip with the new team. (If this is incorrect, I apologize). Randy's current contract isn't cheap at all. My point is, why shell out a lot of money for a team that isn't a contender regardless, for a player who's going to leave when the season is over.


3. For those of you who think Randy's attitude issues are a thing of the past, just read this article.;_ylt=AofPnMqFhKYfbkKETEFzR_DXScR_?slug=ms-mossbehavior110210

Absolute Garbage. I don't want this ass around the young guys on the team. What really catches my eye in this article is the fact that PLAYERS, not front office/media people, were fed up with his behavior/worried about his influence. The media likes to concoct controversy, but when a player says it you know there's something to it.

This alone should be reason enough.


4. I am not an advocate of tanking. I hate it. I really do. But doesn't Randy take us completely out of the A. J. Green sweepstakes? He's not going to make us a contender, but he might increase our win total by a game or two.


5. Bill Belichick is possibly the greatest coach of all time. And he dumped Randy. Chilly is putting his job on the line by dumping a guy a month after he got him. Shouldn't we be alarmed? We like to make fun of Chili, but he has to have at least average intelligence, right? He IS an NFL head coach, he must have SOME idea of what he's doing. The fact is two contending teams just got rid of him in the span of a month.


6. Finally, I say no thank you to the media s***storm that Moss will bring to St. Louis. There are virtually no veterans on this team. They're all young players, and there's really no need to bring the circus to town. Look at Sanchez: he plays in New York and plays for Rex Ryan. That kid gets dissected after every game by the media. I'm sure Bradford can handle scrutiny, but wouldn't it be better to avoid it completely? And what about the other guys?


This is a young, growing team. Let this thing grow organically. I say don't just jump at the first chance to win some more games. This is NOT fantasy football. Teamwork, Chemistry, Discipline...these things matter. (How dem Cowboys doing???) We need to build this team the right way, not the quick way.

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