You can certainly tell that this is a young football team.

I have read over some very good posts by both the upset people and the "its not so bad" people and I agree with them both. I constantly see the for and against in most every comment on are some examples...


The coaching call to kick the field goal. I think that is the easiest one to seesaw about. I mean I think you have a shot at 3 points, you take it. The game was decided by 3 points right? Brown makes it and then Sams drive to tie it in the 4th becomes the drive that wins the game. But it was 50+ not in the dome what is the percentage? What if he misses? then the 9ers get the ball mid field...shit...that is one play action bootleg and a frank gore run and the 9ers are in the end zone. At least the Defense was holding some of the onslaught to fieldgoals with the long field. So I can certainly see the merit in the pooch punt play.


Gibson...cmon buddy duck down underneath and lunge for the first. Yeah I think he might have gotten a first down on one of would have been close. I think it is fair criticism for Gibson but considering some of the other team gaffs his is pretty small. Actually I also think it is probably fair criticism in the play is gibson running 4 yards up the field and turning around for the ball when the rams need 8 yards? I know it is the west coast offense and it is about YAC, but you cant count on that shit on every single play in the 4th quarter. The rams at that point needed to be running plays to at least the 1st down marker most of the time. Same thing with the last drive...couldnt the Rams have at least tried to send their WRs into the endzone on at least one play and get sam to stick it in there? Fells dropped the pass so perhaps if he catches it it wasnt necessary.


The Defense - Christ, every time Troy rolled to his right we were all burying our face in the pillow before he released the ball. I am sure 49er fans in a bar somewhere were playing shot games (alright every time troy rolls out and hits one big you have to take a shot) We watched the same play over and over and over. Then 3rd and 32 and then 4th and 17...the 9ers even gave us a give me holding call and they still faulking scored! But even still, given what had happened all day, duuuude last years rams would have folded by half time. I think most NFL defenses would have packed it in by the 4th quarter. The Rams kept fighting and the defense did well enough to give the rams a chance to win.


And finally I will initially agree that the Rams arent talented and I certainly think it shows. Especially against teams loaded with talent like the Lions, 49ers, Bucs and Raiders. However, then I wonder how come the Rams are 4 -1 at home? I think that pretty much shows that while not necessarily as talented, they play well enough as a team to run with anybody in the NFL. Actually that is true on the road as well. Throw out the Lions game, and the Rams were in the game down to the wire.

So what is the answer? The ST Louis Rams are a young football team and havent played together for years! For them, home turf means more than it does to a veteran who is playing with more experienced wisdom than the plethora of rookies and 2nd years that the Rams have. At home they have more confidence they get a boost from the crowd their field is familiar. You make a mistake, hey dont worry about it, just make it up on the next play these chumps are done...and all of that stuff. On the road for rookies, a mistake I think is mentally more amplified and nerves create more mistakes to begin with. Then they tighten up and dont play loose like at home. On the road you see flashes of shit they do at home, but it isnt consistent.


At home, Sam hits Alexander 30 someodd yard TD in his first NFL game ever! On the Road, Sam misses Amendola wide open for the TD. He got excited and missed him. At home, (as VT broke down) JL and Diggs sniff out the flea flicker and intercept the pass. On the road, troy smith fakes the handoff the linebackers bite hard rolls to his right and our secondary gets torched for 40 yards!


I am not bashing the players, I hated to see the Rams lose to the 49ers (trust me,when it is the 49ers I get conspiratorial damn freemasons rigged the game!), but honestly so many Rams played awesome football and they just came up short. I have to agree with the coach one more play was the difference in the game. It just didnt happen. But you just cannot say enough about this guy. On the friggen road against the 49ers defense and NO! interceptions. The Rams have a ROOKIE QB that lead the team down the field to tie the game when the Rams absolutely had to have it...a rookie..on the road! Chris Long...he is the MAN!!! think about it? The Rams do have talent. They are lacking serious talent at wide reciever and some depth...but how many potential hall of fame players do you see on this football team? Long, JL, Jackson, Bradford, Saffold, Bartel?


It is coming guys we just have to be patient and let a very young football team play together. These close games are going to be huge wins in the coming years!

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