Rams and Moss?

I personally am completely torn about whether or not the Rams should sign Randy Moss

First off I think the Rams could make an interesting pitch to Randy. An up and coming team with a 500. record looking for a wide receiver to be the lead guy and get them to the playoffs? As a 33 year old looking to make an impression in a contract year it would be smart for him to come in and be a team player with a young team, just to show the other 31 teams in the league he can be a team player in the right situation.  And if he plays well and brings the Rams to the Playoffs then he can prove to the Vikings and the Pats how important a player he can be.  and for a man with his ego, how could that not be an attractive oppurtunity.  

I also think the Rams don't have to worry about Moss getting out of control, because of something I like to call the manbearalienmonster that is Steven Jackson.  It is SJ39s team, Randy would be smart not to mess with that. Plus I think Moss would show Spags respect based on the way the Giants beat the Pats in that super bowl.  

I also think Minnesota is a shit show right now.  Moss needs to be on tight reigns, we all know that Brad Childress is a lame duck right now.  I dont think Moss respected him therefore wouldn't play hard for him.  

If the Rams were to sign Moss, I think it would be huge this week considering we have a bye.  He wouldn't be thrust into a game on sunday and he could get 2 weeks of practice with Bradford and the team to get ready for San Francisco.  

I would have to say if the Rams signed Moss it EASILY makes us the best team in the division.  I don't even think it can be debated.  With Moss the Rams are the best team in the NFC West, and a prayers chance of being able to actually win a playoff game. That really feels weird to type.  

I also think it would do wonders for us being able to evaluate the effectiveness of Pat Schumer.  If we cut him slack because he doesn't have a gifted WR to open up the field, well this would be a great oppurtunity for him to show what he could do.  I personally think he would do fantastic, not to take anything away from who the Rams field on Sundays but lets be serious, there is no one (besides Amendola) who can hold a candle to Randy Moss, even at 33.  

He is also in a contract year, so if it works out, great maybe we resign him and he plays another 2 years on the rams and we get to watch one of the greatest receivers of all time finish off his carreer. If it doesn't we cut him loose and we look to the draft for a number 1 receiver.  Which if we make the Playoffs it won't be much of a reach to draft Julio Jones or Jonathon Baldwin drafting after the 18th pick or so.  

Going into the toughest part of the Rams schedule which take place after the bye I feel this move would do wonders for the Rams if not just based on a protection standpoint for some of our key players on offense.  I think it would give Bradford more time to throw and obviosly make some more room for SJ39.  With tough road games coming up the WRs we have right now Gibson, Amendola, and Robinson, would have tok play out of there minds for us to scare sme of the defenses we are set to face.  

The bad aspect of this would be how the team would react to the move.  Maybe it affects some of the young players confidence because they think the front office doesn't have faith in them.  Maybe he comes in and divides the locker room somehow, but honestly I cant see that happening. Maybe he just doesn't show up on sundays and he eats a roster spot that could have gone to a player who would leave his heart out on the field, but then we just cut him anyway. 

Either way I think it would be nice to have a player of Moss's caliber on the Rams and maybe this is the move that Devaney finally makes.  

Let me know what you think of the points made?  

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