Maybe We Are A Little Quick To Judge.....

Yes, the St. Louis Rams have won 2 games in a row, yes, the Rams are .500, yes, the Rams beat the Seahawks for the 1st time in 10 ten tries, yes, the Rams have won their division game since I believe the 49ers 3 years ago, yes, the Rams won their 1st home game in 2 years, yes, the Rams have a chance to win the NFC West, yes, the Rams are tied for 1st place, yes, the Rams have the QB of the future, yes, the Rams still have SJ39, yes, the Rams are playing great defense, yes, the Rams are happy with their situation,  and yes, people are starting to notice the upstart Rams. 




While I agree that this is the happiest I've been as a Rams fan for a long time, I still question whether the Rams can keep it up. The facts: the Rams are 2-2, played 3 of 4 games home, tied for first in division. Indeed, these are true, but here are more facts:


The Rams have played:

- The Cardinals - Probably the worst team in the division; huge QB problem; lost too many key players; The Rams LOST to this sorry bunch at HOME. Since then, the Cardinals have been destroyed or lucky that an NFL kicker can't make a 30 yard field goal.


- The Raiders - Team that goes in all sorts of directions with bad coaching; most likely the worst team in the AFC West; The Rams LOST their only AWAY game to them; If you can't beat the Raiders on the road, who can you beat?


- The Redskins - Average team that has it's ups and downs; probably underestimated the Rams ability and lost in the Ed; with the coverage of the Rams lately, probably no one will underestimate them again; home or away.


- The Seahawks - The least talented team in the NFC West; they are the worst team in the league on the road; Matt Hasselbeck is over the hill; Rams should win this game 10 out of 10 times, and they did last Sunday. To be a successful team, you have to win these games, and the Rams did.


The difference between the 2-2 Rams and the 0-4 49ers is that the Rams have played 3 of 4 at home against some of the bottom feeders of the NFL, while the 49ers have played 3 of 4 on the road against the Saints, Falcons, and the undefeated Chiefs. The 49ers are more talented and in a division so bad, they can come back and win it. The Rams meanwhile have to PROVE they can win 7 to 8 games this year. 


Do you remember the last few games of the 2009 season? The Rams were so depleted that they couldn't win a game, just look at who didn't even finish the season.

Marc Bulger, Steven Jackson (the herniated disc), Donnie Avery (for a few games), Laurent Robinson, Jacob Bell, Jason Smith, even Richie Incognito, Leonard Little, Gary Gibson, Bradley Fletcher, Chris Massey, Justin King, OJ Atogwe.




If the Rams can finish the season with Bradford & Jackson healthy, the offensive line to stay in tact, you have the WRs staying healthy, Chris Long & Fred Robbins healthy, James Laurinitius and Grant and Diggs healthy, and most of the secondary healthy, you CAN win the division. The Rams don't have great depth, so being healthy is the number 1 issue.


The remaining schedule is:

@ Lions, Chargers, @ Buccaneers, Panthers, @ 49ers, Falcons, @ Broncos, @ Cardinals, @ Saints, Chiefs, 49ers, and @ Seahawks.


Now, I have a tough time seeing the Rams beating the Chargers, the Falcons, the Broncos, the Saints, and the Chiefs. Otherwise the Rams are playing the crappy Bucs, Lions, and Panthers, and the remaining games in the division.


The Remaining 3 Quarters of the Season looks different than the 1st Quarter, doesn't it?


I love the Rams as much as anyone, but until you play half the season, it is way too early to tell.


I agree with most by saying:

- The Rams have the best QB in the division

- The Rams have the most upside in the division

- The Rams are playing the best in the division

- The Rams defense is playing well




When the Rams average the yards they do on defense to the Seahawks, the Cards, the Skins, and the Raiders, what will happen when they play the Saints, the Chiefs, the Chargers, the Falcons or the Broncos? Will they give up only 17 points?????



Also, I don't think the Rams can beat the Lions on Sunday. The Lions are soooooo hungry for a win at home, this is the best offense have faced all year, and in the Rams' only win last season, Calvin Johnson didn't play, but he is now. The Lions also have Jahvid Best who can do stuff like Reggie Bush did last season at home. Shaun Hill is also playing well. Jim Schartz is so mad that the Rams beat them, and he will bring the house at home. The Rams will be close, but ultimately, I think the Lions will win. They are very hungry.


I am not trying to be Mr. Negative, but I just feel it is too early to say anything, and until the rams are further done the road, you can't say how successful they can be. The Rams have to play REAL TEAMS first. Go Rams! Bradford for ROY!!!!!


Leave any comments.. 

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