MNF open thread / Chargers game thread roll call

Togs want ball, Togs get ball. Take pink gloves out Togs face. He no care for breast cancer awareness in week 6. You read schedule wrong. He wear black gloves of catch +1 ability. Now you go sit down, and think about what Togs tell you.

  The Rams are 3-1 at home.  Advantage.  If you're watching the Jags-Titans tonight, spout off here.

  Roll call after the jump.

Roll Call: Carneros, 3k, blindmouse, mooseknuckles41, giantdonkey, crashoveride01, VanRam, phxsuns, stlcardinals1522, DevsLaRams, RamMan1, 81 Witness, hr, Oski Bear, Sundowner, JTPirate, Ramfest, arctikphox, gomer7, VTramsFan, loyal2therams, Sofanumber1, DaaaaRams802, Throw, MathB, MyGirlMakesMeRamwiches, AWolfAtTheDoor, Match Day 5, IdGladlySellMySoulJust2KeepTheRamsAlive, Buck Nasty87, Camo702, TransplantedRamsFan, The_Bandit, moy, TheBirds, LARams1968, jeff_abs, Jombari, NCRam55, Jae-So, Infemous, leadhead, tbell61, stlfan2004, Brett Gall, Skii, Redbirds_n_Horns, ram_rod, Abrantes, tkiller314, Marty McKeown, PCarn, Chitownramsfan, mattyp, riotmute, wilystyle, Damn,imaRamsfan, DiscoJer, hockeyno93, zaviex, LAraman, Lexxi, mh39, RAISEtheDEAD, gingerredboy, jlcdb70, kinzav29, Habte E, MassRam, RamChop
Total Users: 70
Total Posts: 1952
Total Threads: 4

Name # of Posts
Carneros 160
3k 145
Infemous 144
VTramsFan 139
Buck Nasty87 123
MyGirlMakesMeRamwiches 117
phxsuns 113
loyal2therams 84
mooseknuckles41 78
blindmouse 78
ram_rod 60
stlcardinals1522 57
Marty McKeown 39
Sofanumber1 38
TransplantedRamsFan 30
Brett Gall 30
Sundowner 27
VanRam 27
81 Witness 26
LARams1968 26
Throw 26
MathB 25
hockeyno93 24
TheBirds 24
moy 22
stlfan2004 22
hr 21
Oski Bear 18
DaaaaRams802 17
Camo702 16
Redbirds_n_Horns 16
Match Day 5 15
Ramfest 15
mh39 15
gomer7 12
The_Bandit 12
leadhead 9
NCRam55 9
LAraman 8
zaviex 8
jlcdb70 7
Jombari 7
Abrantes 7
RamChop 5
arctikphox 5
DiscoJer 5
Damn,imaRamsfan 3
Skii 3
Habte E 3
DevsLaRams 3
jeff_abs 3
tbell61 2
giantdonkey 2
riotmute 2
AWolfAtTheDoor 2
mattyp 2
PCarn 2
gingerredboy 2
MassRam 1
kinzav29 1
crashoveride01 1
Jae-So 1
IdGladlySellMySoulJust2KeepTheRamsAlive 1
JTPirate 1
RamMan1 1
tkiller314 1
wilystyle 1
Chitownramsfan 1
Lexxi 1

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