VJ VS 1st Round WR VS Risk

I think that there are certain risks while drafting wide receivers in the first round, but i think that certain prospects are more attractive then others in situations. A player such as A.J Green is a can't miss type of prospect.  Every year there is a wide receiver that goes in the first round which is leaps and bounds above the other wide receivers in the draft.  2004 Larry Fitzgerald, 2005 Braylon Edwards, 2006 Santonio Holmes, 2007 Calvin Johnson, 2008 no wide receivers went in round 1, 2009 Michael crabtree (we aren't discussing the anomily that took place with the 7th pick we know the raiders draft room is run by skeletor, if it wasn't for the Raiders DHB goes in round 2), 2010 Dez Bryant and Demarius Thomas.  I am not saying that there is not risk in taking a wide receiver in the first round, but I don't know about you but I would not be willing to give 10 million a year to a wide receiver with multiple arrests and who sat out half a season because he wanted more money. What if he is a product of a chargers passing game that is just to dominate? Last time I checked the Chargers have the highest ranked passing attack without Vincent Jackson, If a player has so much value don't you expect the production of a unit to drop based on the absence of this player? I am not saying Vincent Jackson isn't an elite wide receiver, but to mortgage the farm for him? And we don't know how Kroenke feels about it, after all he signs the checks. I think everyone forgets that Devaney did make a trade to get a wide receiver, Mark Clayton.  On top of that we all heard that the Rams were in talks with the Chargers about VJ but Kroenke nixed the deal because he wasn't comforitable shelling out that type of money for such a high risk player.  

This years draft is particularly heavy on wide receiver talent.  A.J Green, Julio Jones, Johnathon Baldwin, Michael Floyd, Evan Broyles, Devier Posey, I dont know if he is eligable but Justin Blackmon from Oklahoma State looks like a clone of Dez Bryant.  I don't like Vincent Jackson as a player for the Rams, yea it would be nice for the Rams to win the division but seriously he is to close to being suspended for a year for me to make a deal.  How would people on this blog react if we made the move, gave him a 4 year 40 million dollar deal and gave away 2 draft picks to the chargers and he gets suspended? Who on this site would be calling for Devaneys head...every single one of you.  

We have the base for a team that could be ELITE, I would say we have about 4 needs left before we can be seriously competetive in the NFL.  Wide receiver, rush Defensive End, Defensive Tackle and Fast outside linebacker.  

I think no matter who is available in the draft next year if A.J Green is available we have to take him.  He sat out 4 games this year and look what he has done in his first two games back, 13 catches 215 yards and 3 touchdowns. He also runs a pro style route tree.  

And don't forget about Gilyard, he will be extremely valuable when it finally clicks some players learn slower then others, and next year we will have Avery and Clayton back.  Our wide receiver core could be Green, Avery, Clayton, Amendola, Alexander, Gilyard. I think we all would be happy with that.  Now imagine we put that together, and we are also able to add Greg Romeus in round 2, or maybe a Bruce Carter if he is available.  Then in round 3 go with a back up running back or Christian Ballard as a Versatile DE.  This would not be possible with the Vincent Jackson trade.

On another note, if anyone on this website starts harping on the front office to sign Shawn Merriman, they obviosly are dillusional, and know absolutely nothing about football. 

Building through the draft is incredibly important, drafting well is the most effective way to turn a team around.  I think we can all agree Devaney as done pretty well in his two years running the draft room.  examples, Jason Smith, Animal JR, Bradley Fletcher, and even Dorrell Scott has shown promise, 2010 draft, Bradford, Saffold, Murphey, Hoom, Selvie.  The other players are developing as well.  WE ARE HEADED IN THE RIGHT PATH. I know its hard to be patient but don't forget the unbeleivable roster turnover we experienced last year, and with virtually no owner to spend money, we couldn't make many free agent moves in the offseason.  Another good draft and we could build something that looks like a great team. Then free agents will actually WANT to play in St Louis. This regime needs at least 3 years to turn this thing around, give them that. 

I think one of the more important issues is the amount of leg injuries that take place on these field turf fields, The EJD was one of the first venues to add the grass-like field turf. We all know how bad injuries have been for the Rams the past 5 years. 

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