Retooling the Rams Offense

Hi all, have been a keen follower of Turf Show for a while now as I think you guys offer the most detailed, insightful and balanced coverage of my beloved Rams that there is to be had out here on the net.  Thought I'd finally break my duck today and throw out a post for your consideration.

So far, the consensus ideology for the upcoming draft seems to be that we try to bring in as much defensive help as we can (I've seen various mocks, musings, and fantasies that have us taking players like DTs Suh (Nebraska) or McCoy (Oklahoma), stud DE rushers like Griffen (USC), Dunlap (Florida), or Pierre-Paul (S. Florida), and LB help in the form of Weatherspoon (Mizzou), Riley (LSU) or Muckelroy (Texas)), so I wanted to flip everything on it's head and see what the feeling would be about a Rams draft heavily committed to re-tooling the Offense instead!

I know popular opinion has us taking Suh first overall come draft day, but if - and it's still a big IF - the Rams decide to go QB and pick either Clausen or Bradford then I think it would be reasonable to assume (well actually damn near essential) that the rest of the draft be dedicated to finding whichever Quarterback we choose as many weapons as possible for him to use come opening day.  Our draft could go something like this: 
Round 1 - Jimmy Clausen (QB)

Round 2 - BPA from either Mike Iupati (OG), Trent Williams (OT), Golden Tate(WR) , Brandon LaFell (WR) or Javhid Best (WR)

Round 3 - BPA from - and depending on whether we went O line or skill position last round - Danario Alexander (WR), Dexter McClusker (WR/KR), Rob Gronkowski (TE), Jared Veldheer (OT)

Round 4 - BPA from Ed Dickson (TE), Anthony McCoy (TE), Shay Hodge (WR), Toby Gerhart (HB), or Joe McKnight (HB). 

This years draft is massively important for the Rams' rebuilding process, a good one and we could be looking at NFC West Glory and a return to the playoffs in the next few years.  A bad one, and we continue to stack up losses, continue to play to unfilled seats, the team gets sold, leaves St Louis, Spags loses his job, and I die a little bit more inside!  I know this year is deep with defensive talent, and that Spags is a defensive guy so we would probably all feel a little more comfortable with him drafting defensive players for him to mold into a top notch unit.  But we're never going to win anything if we can't score more than two touchdowns a game and our defense is on the field for 40 minutes every week.  Sooner or later this franchise is going to have to pull the trigger and take a franchise quarterback, and I've got to admit, I'm starting to think this should be our year. . . .

Let the Suh-supporter backlash commence!!

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