SUH-per Bounty Mock Draft 1


Well, here we are with a nose hair victory going to the Detroit Lions with 19 of the possible 74 votes.  Thank you to all who voted and commented.  Thank you to those of you who just read and moved on with their day, as well.

Blogger RamsFan1979 was very adamant in the comment section that these trade scenarios are pipe dreams.  He makes very valid points that these trades don't happen anymore, i.e. Hershel Walker, Mike Ditka, etc.  You know what?  He is 99% correct, which is, basically, perfect.  BUT...... the Hershel Walker and Mike DItka trades DID happen.  And I can't help but think it could happen again this year because of the SUH-per Beast.  

I know I'm asking for a lot.  Make no bones about it, I want N. Suh.  But every man has his price.  If N. Suh goes absolutely apeshit at the combine, SOMEBODY in upper management just might develop enough of an unhealthy obsession to do something a little crazy.  RF1979, you're right.  It's not gonna happen.  But....... it's not impossible. 

So without further ado, here's our fantastic trade with Dee-troit and the subsequent mock draft*:

*Note:  These picks are based on the average positioning of multiple respected mock drafts.

#2 (1) - - - - -Gerald McCoy, DT, Oklahoma    Yep. The best consolation prize in the last 25 years.     

#33 (2) - - - - Mike Iupati, G, Idaho          This pick sucks for people who hate 2000 yds a season rushers. 

#34 (2) - - - - Colt McCoy, QB, Texas   Some folks might think this is a reach.  I just think the kid's a freakin' winner.

#65 (3) - - - - Corey Wooten, DE, Northwestern  A solid DE always falls to the top of the 3rd.  Corey's no exception.

#66 (3) - - - - Navorro Bownam, OLB, Penn State  MIght not be a moral pillar.  Will be a defensive pillar, though.

#96 (4) - - - - Dexter McCluster, RB/WR/KR, Ole MIss            Do your thang, Lil Dex!  (Sproles 2.0)

#128 (5) - - - Naaman Roosevelt, WR, Buffalo            Don't sleep on this kid.  He'll f--- you up! 

#151 (5) - - - Ryan Perrilloux, QB, Jacksonville State    Worth the gamble here.  His skills are nuts, but, he's nuts.

#160 (6) - - - Chris Marinelli, OT, Stanford     Shoulder issues have been prevalent, but, when healthy, a possible steal.

#165 (6) - - - Sam Young, OT, Notre Dame   Somehow he went from penthouse to outhouse in 3 years.  Still....

#192 (7) - - -Scott Sicko, TE, New Hampshire   MIght go higher. MIght not.  Everyone needs a Sicko on their team.

#210 (7) - -  Auston English, DE. Oklahoma       Remember when this guy was The Bomb. Injuries are a bitch.

So there we are.  Yeesh.  This draft would be Nuckin' Futs!   But, hey, stranger things (1999 Rams) have happened.  Stay tuned for the Mock Draft Scenario #2 with Tampa Bay (Home of the Disenfranchised Stripper)!

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