2010 prospect watch

The Sam Bradford timeline, pt. 3: leaving it all behind


The finale of my 3-part series on Sam Bradford's journey from high school prospect to nearly being assured of being drafted #1 overall in the 2010 NFL Draft.

The Sam Bradford timeline, pt. 2: sprinting to the gateway


Part 2 of my 3-part series on Sam Bradford: the 2007 and 2008 seasons.

The Sam Bradford timeline, pt.1: on the sidelines


The Sam Bradford timeline, pt. 1 looks at the Oklahoma program from when they recruited Bradford until the end of the 2006 season.

Rams spend time with OL Mike Johnson at 'Bama Pro Day


Which offensive linemen are the St. Louis Rams considering the NFL draft?

Players to watch at college pro days


College pro days have begun. Which players will the St. Louis Rams be watching?

Oklahoma's McCoy a better fit for the Rams?


Could the St. Louis Rams be more interested in DT Gerald McCoy than Ndamukong Suh?

2010 prospect watch (DE edition) - Jan. 11th


  So we've gotten through three positions so far: QB, DT and WR.  In the poll from that WR board, your demand was voiced clearly: "feed me DE info."  So your demands shall be met.   Before we...

BCS Championship open thread


  Well, it was a pretty lackluster college football season, ATC.  Still, as an NFL fan, I'm more than pleased with the talent coming out for this draft.  We've got months to get deeper into the...

Scouting the bowls, pt. 5 / Jan. 4th - Jan. 7th


  The last of the bowl prospect lists is here, thankfully.  Once we get beyond this hyperinflated schedule of college bowlery, we can get into some deeper discussion on the draft, prospects, needs...

Scouting the bowls, pt. 4 / Jan. 1st CFB open thread


I'm gonna have to keep this one short and to the point, so please excuse the low-quality.  At least the info's there which should give everyone fodder to get me back in about a year for hyping up...


Scouting the bowls, pt. 3 / Dec. 30th & 31st CFB open thread


  Let's keep plowing - here are your pre-bowl scouting sheets for the final two days of the 2009 calendar year.  Note a switch: this cheat sheet lists only prospects for the 2010 draft...

Scouting the bowls, pt. 2


  I love bowls, bowls, bowls, bowls.  Bowls I do adore.  Put your number on this paper cause I would love to date ya holla at you when you come off tour.  Another two days of college football mined...

Scouting the Bowls, pt. 1


  And you thought you could get rid of me so easily.  In the words of the great Lee Corso, not so fast, my friend.  Now that I'm as close to a routine as I probably will be for the next year or so,...

2010 prospect watch (WR edition) - Dec. 9th


  In my last two boards (DT & QB), the polls asked for, nay, demanded a WR board.  And so thee demand, so the k provideth.  Or something like that.  While it might not be the most apt board for the...

2010 prospect watch - Nov. 27th


  The last full weekend of college football's regular season is upon us, although it's not really just a weekend sport anymore.  Ball State downed Western Michigan on Tuesday, and Texas escaped...

2010 prospect watch (DT edition) - Nov. 17th


3k's 2010 DT big board as of Nov. 17th

2010 prospect watch (QB edition) - Oct. 6th


3k's 2010 NFL Draft QB prospect board - Oct. 6th

Sep. 26 prospect open thread


  Conference play opens up, so not a ton of great matchups, but Miami - Va. Tech should be interesting.  Who are you watching today?

CFB open thread #3: OU v. BYU, LSU v. Wash, Bama v. Va. Tech


[HUGE UPDATE, 8:32PM] Sam Bradford just came down hard on his throwing shoulder.  The consensus #1 QB prospect, the Heisman trophy winner, the man upon whom OU's championship hopes rest is on his...

CFB open thread #2: Okla St. v. Georgia


  I'm kicking in another thread to deal with the midday games.  What names or positions intrigue you in light of the Rams' cuts?  What colleges are you most interested in?  I'm sure we've got some...

3k's Eyes on the Prize - College Football Week 1


3k's got his eyes on the prize of college football's 1st week

2010 prospect watch - May 23rd


With the NFL in summer OTA land and colleges dealing with the end of the baseball season, football news is pretty thin right now.  Here's some random college-level stuff to tide you over. (2:15 PM...

2010 prospect watch - May 16th


With as much traffic as we got this year going in to the draft, I thought it might be helpful this year if we keep tabs on prospects throughout the season.  Consider this a random Ramsdom,...

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