A Madden 10 simulated season with the Rams

The rosters aren't extremely recent, so I had to make some moves manually. I may have missed something. Also, I turned off any injuries.

So Just for fun:

Schedule: (7-9)

Week 1 @ Seattle: L 6-24

Week 2 @ Washington: W 20-17

Week 3 Vs. Green Bay: W 22-3

Week 4 @  San Francisco: L 17-31

Week 5 Vs. Minnesota L 34-38

Week 6 @ Jacksonville W 31-25

Week 7 Vs. Indianapolis L 14-24

Week 8 @ Detroit W 31-20

Bye Week

Week 10 Vs. New Orleans: W 18-15

Week 11 Vs. Arizona: W 34-10

Week 12 Vs. Seattle: L 0-10

Week 13 @ Chicago: L 14-21

Week 14 @ Tennessee L13-20

Week 15 Vs. Houston: L 24-35

Week 16 @ Arizona: L 31-37

Week 17 Vs. San Francisco W 27-14

Overall, a rather realistic and possible schedule when overlooking the scores.


NFC West

1. Cardinals (10-6)

2. Seahawks (7-9)

3. Rams (7-9)

4. 49ers (3-13)

Wild Card went to the 9-7 Panthers

Rams Team Statistics

19th in Offensive Yards

7th in Rushing Yards

23rd in Passing Yards

28th in Total Defense

32nd, or last, in Passing Defense

13th in Rushing Defense

Rams Individual Statistics



83.4 Rating, 3232 yards, 29 TDs, 13 INT, 56% Completion Percentage



1379 yards, 5 TD, 4.4 Average on 307 Attempts


192 Yards, 1 TD

Karney: 154 Yards



73 Rec., 1030 yards, 10 TD


61 Rec. 586 yards 4 TD


48 Rec. 527 yards,  5 TD


37 Rec., 416 Yards, 5 TD

Carter: 23 Rec, 291 Yards, 5 TD


22 Rec., 291 yards.


14 Rec. 107 Yards


9 Rec. 42 Yards

Defensive Statistics

Solo Tackles:

Laurinatis: 187

Butler: 80

Witherspoon: 70

Draft: 66

Thomas 52

Atogwe 50

Ryan 33

Long 30

Johnson 25

Little 24

Bartell 19

King 13

Wade 13


Little 10

Thomas 8

Ryan 5

Long 4

Wtiherspoon 3

Lots with 1


Atogwe 3

Butler and Bartell 2

Lots with 1.


Josh Brown 25-27 with a 55 yarder

Donnie Jones averaged 43 yards a punt.


Kickoffs, Laurent Robinson scored a touchdown and averaged 23 yards a return. Stanley averaged 19

Punts: Stanley with 11.9 Average and 1 TD.


James Lauranitis: 3rd in Defensive MVP voting, Won Defensive Rookie of the Year, 3rd best LB, Pro Bowl

Josh Brown: Best Kicker

Hollis Thomas: Pro Bowl

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