In watching HBO's show on the Bengals, I have come to realize a couple things.  

1) Chad Estaban Ochocinco is attention starved, always seeking, must be the center of.....but, say what you want the guy is one hell of a WR.  No denying that.   Anyone who thinks otherwise, go online and look up the guys stats over the last half decade.  Last year was a selfish mistake...human error (thank you Denzel for helping him realize it).  If you are not a stats guy, then watch this man fluidly play the position.  Crisp routes, clean breaks, accelerates out of cuts to cause separation, great hands.  On top of that, he is a gifted, gifted athlete that knows his trade.  Fantasy players jump on board, he will be a steal this year.

2) MORE IMPORTANTLY Devaney is a smart man.  Brian Leonard is struggling at the HB spot.  Lucky for him he offers versatility, and a blue collar work rate to follow.  That doesn't negate the fact that he has been moved down to the 3rd HB spot (actually neck to neck with Dede Dorsey) and on the fringe for a roster spot.  This is a poorous group of RB's that have yet to impress in the league, and he is possibly sitting at #4.  THANK YOU ZYGMUT aka deuche.  

Bak to Devaney, he saw that this ex-2nd rounder would do little for us, and decided lets get what we can for him and his contract.  I commend the man.   

3) Our RB situation is almost as bad...minus SJ.  This has got me starting to think, who can we possibly swoop on.  One name I can't get  out of my mind....Justin Forsett.  I personally got to see the kid play here in Cal about three times in person and many times on TV.  The type of change of pace back we need (sorry Pittman).  One problem- he plays for Seattle.  Well, our good buddies at Seattle went out an signed James, who still has some in the tank (I'm still a little bothered by that) and was at a bargain-clearance price.  So what makes me beleive that they would drop Forsett?

With the signing of James, Seattle now has 4 backs that they like-Jones, James, Duckett, and Forsett.  At first I thought, well even though they just signed Duckett to a contract last year he would have to be the odd man out.  BUT WAIT...Duckett is due 3.3 million this year, and if they were to drop him, he would still count abutout 3.2 mil against the cap along with the remaining balance of the 9 million dollar signing bonus that they gave him.   From a business stand point it makes no sense.  This leaves Forsett, a talented young back that has had hours and hours of trainging against a defense that we see twice a year.  Oh yeah and he would be cheap.  I can only hope.

I think he is better than Pittman, and Darby is just to often hot and cold for me. 

4)Should have taken Michael Johnson in the 3rd round.  Spags turns these proto-types into a little thing called amazing.  I don't want to hear anything about he was lazy or didn't always go 100%.  Plus I felt the need was more so on the D-line rather than the secondary.  There was a guy that I was keeping an eye on for later in the draft...CB Captain Munnerlyn.  A bit small for Spags liking but, hits hard and is just smooth as a DB.  Anyone that watched the SEC this last year knows what I am talking about.  Keep in eye out for the kid in Carolina, prob in nickle or dime packages.

5) Last but not least, I'm glad we signed our first rounder nice and early.  Andre Smith's agent is doing a world of damage to his clients rookie year.  

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