Top 10 Free Agents To Fill In Holt's Shoes

The Rams surprisingly released Torry Holt a while ago and now should look for a receiver to fill in his shoes. These 10 receivers, who are free agents, looks to have what it takes to fill in for the great Torry Holt. These receivers have potential, greatness, and determination. These guys can do it.

10. Darrell Jackson
Darrell Jackson hasn't done much lately but he still has some left in the tank. At 30 years old, he can be helpful. Darrell Jackson and Donnie Avery can be a perfect one-two punch. And then former Dolphins' star, Ryan McMichael, can be in shape and the Rams can become dominant. They can come close to the receiving team of 1999, well not really. Marc Bulger can finally find some more and a little bit more young targets.

9. Marvin Harrison
Although the Rams do want to go young, Marvin Harrison can help out a bit. Marc Bulger struggled most of the time because of the horrible blocking of Rams' offensive line. In this year's draft, they look to get either Jason Smith or Eugene Monroe. Marvin Harrison can be a helpful and productive receiver. Even though he is going to be 37-years-old, he still has a little left in the tank. You know, it wasn't that long since he had a Pro Bowl. He also had a 67-yard-touchdown last year against one of the best defenses, Baltimore Ravens (sorry Isaac Barrow). Marvin still has some left. He can be a good teacher to Donnie Avery.

8. D.J. Hackett
Hackett has been devolping more and more as the years have been going by. In just two games last year, he had 13 catches for 181 yards. That is pretty decent. He will be 28 years old next year and probably has seven or eight more years left of him. He has a lot to prove and a lot left in the big tank of his. He can be a good receiver. He and Avery can be the beastly young guns. Hackett will be the man who catches and Avery will be the guy who runs. It'll be one hell of a combination. Hackett can be a nice target for Marc Bulger. At 6'2" he is dominant.

7. Amani Toomer
After only playing 12 games last year, Amani put on some productive numbers: 48 catches for 580 yards and four touchdowns. He will be 35 next year but he still has probably two or three more years left of him, maybe more. Toomer has been a productive receiver for the Giants. Can he be a nice asset for the Rams? I think so. Toomer has 668 career catches, it's pretty good. This future Hall-of-Famer can be another good teacher towards Donnie Avery.

6. Miles Austin
Turning 25, Miles Austin has so much left in the tank. He had his best year last year: 13 catches for 278 yards and three touchdowns. He averaged 21 yards per catch and he wasn't even one of the starting receivers. He can make good company with Donnie Avery. Miles Austin and Donnie Avery can be a perfect one-two punch. It will be two speedy receivers. Miles Austin will scare defenders along with Avery behind his back.

5. Malcom Floyd
Floyd, turning 28, is a tall guy at 6'5". He can leap over defenders whenever he wants to, probably. Floyd has had a good year, because he isn't a starter, with 27 catches for 465 yards and four touchdowns. Dazzling numbers. He only started two games that year. He also had a game with five catches for 67 yards. Floyd will be a good receiver for the Rams. This guy is amazing. I wouldn't be surprised if the Rams get him. This guy is awesome. He and Ryan McMichael will be a scare for defenders.

4. Jerry Porter
Turning 31, Porter didn't do ANYTHING last year. Porter was going to be a great receiver for the Jaguars last year but couldn't because of injuries. But he did have 11 catches for 181 yards and one touchdown. He also had 16 yards per catch. He has a good five or six years left in the tank. He can be another good teacher for Donnie Avery. These guys can be another good one-two punch.

3. Plaxico Burress
Even though the shooting takes a big part, Burress can be a good receiver for the Rams. Even if he gets signed, he might miss the whole year or miss eight weeks of the season. I don't know if the Rams can accept that but maybe they can go through another grueling year. NO WAY! I don't know what would happen if they got Burress. If they do sign Burress and Plax doesn't need to go through anything, it will be a major hell for defenses. But the odds of that happening is probably 10 percent, maybe lower.

2. Shaun McDonald
Shaun McDonald, who will be 28, was a former Ram. He didn't do that much but he has done a lot for the Lions. In just seven games in his debut year with Lions, he had 79 catches for 943 yards and six touchdowns. It also included a 49-yard-touchdown. Last year, in seven games again, he had 35 catches for 332 yards and one touchdown. McDonald looks to be a great receiver for the Rams if he were signed. If he can do those stats in seven games like he did with the Lions, just imagine what he can do if he were playing 16 total games! What a year that would be for him. He and Avery will be amazing that way. So being 5'10" isn't so bad.

1. Mike Furrey
Furrey has had a good story. Turning 32, he is my favorite to fill in for the great Torry Holt. He has been one hell of a receiver for the Lions. He did play with the Rams, but didn't do anything there. His best year was when he had 98 catches for 1,086 yards and six touchdowns. He has been putting on big numbers for Detroit. Can he pass it on to the Rams. He has a good five-to-seven years left of him. He is my favorite. This guy needs to be signed. He will be a marvelous receiver. If he can do it, it will be excellent!

Get It?
So you got it? These guys maybe signed. Some of them may not. Maybe none of them. Maybe they will get a receiver in the draft. Maybe not. But even if any receiver will come...none of them will ever be better than Torry Holt.

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