This is what happens when you miss a draft

  Well, I missed both rounds tonight due to a military commitment.  My priorities would have seen me at home; my superiors saw me working on a Saturday night.  You're welcome, America.

  In any case, I figured I'd throw out a couple quick thoughts on day 1.

 - Al Davis is ruining the Oakland Raiders: There's absolutely no reason to take Hey-Bey at 7.  If that's who you want, that's fine.  Trade down to someone who wants Crabtree, pick Hey-Bey at 15 and take an extra pick of substantial value.  This is how franchises are ruined.

 - Aaron Maybin as the 1st DE makes no sense: I had compassion for Buffalo until today.  They had a chance to take Brian Orakpo and took Maybin instead.  If it works out, well done.  If not, the reasons have become very simple.  (see: Eric Wood at 28th)

 - I'm really starting to hate the Giants: I starting to believe Nicks could fall to us in the 2nd until the Giants took him at 29th.  Smart pick, but now I think they're assholes.

 - What happened to Maualuga?: I was shocked to see him fall to us.  I was excited to be able to put him in a Rams uniform.  I was amazed to see us pick Laurinaitis.  I put a certain degree of faith in the new front office to make the moves they think will assemble the talent they think they need to win.  But I wonder why Maualuga went from a top 12 pick to a 2nd rounder, and beyond that, I wonder if the perception that he wouldn't be available means we didn't have enough info on him to take him over Laurinaitis.

 - What the nut was up with the safeties in the mid-2nd?:  I guess I'm glad we snagged Butler in free agency.  Michael Mitchell and Darcel McBath?  Before 50??!!  I love the draft, but it's our own fault if we don't take advantage of these stretches.  I feel like we let one get away in Maualuga.

 - Early draft winners: Carolina, Cincinnati, Denver, Green Bay, Jacksonville, New England (ugh), New York Giants (ugh x 2), Seattle (ugh x ), Washington

 - Early draft losers: Buffalo, Cleveland, Kansas City, New York Jets, Oakland, Tampa Bay

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