The #28, #29, #30 & #31 picks in the TST mock...

I'm consolidating. How corporate...

With the 28th pick, Buffalo selects Eben Britton - OT - Arizona

The choice of Britton is also a repercussion of moving Jason Peters. The Bills need a reliable tackle to be able to step in and potentially start for them this season. Britton can be that tackle. Though he may lack athleticism he has excellent footwork and should be able to start from the get go on the right side.

With the 29th pick, the New York Giants select Kenny Britt - WR - Rutgers.

Kenny Britt (WR) - When you lose you #1 wideout because he shot himself in the leg, then bomb out of the playoffs despite being a dominant force all year, you need to take action to prevent it happening again. I'm not sure Hixon is the answer, although Steve Smith Mk.II is a handy player. The new look G-Men will be Britt instead of Burress, Smith instead of Toomer and Boss instead of Shockey.

With the #30 pick in the draft, the Tennessee Titans select Darius Butler - CB - Connecticut

The Titans are pretty much the same team as last year with the big exception of Haynesworth. They signed Jovan Hoye in the off-season and have high hopes for Jason Jones so their DT position is low on their worry list. Their "kind-of-need" positions seem to be CB, WR, DE, OLB, and C. 
CB: Nick Harper is 34 years old.
WR: I really like Justin Gage for some reason (if he stays healthy) and the Titans just signed Nate Washington.
DE: Kearse is 32 and Kyle V.B. is 30 and had a groin injury. The pick would be someone who could rotate in and contribute early.
OLB: Bulloch is 32 and Thorton is 30. This would also be a "rotation" pick.
C: Kevin Mawae has been in this league since I can remember. But, Leroy Harris seems to be the Center of the future.
So, the Titans pick Darius Butler. This offseason, they tried to sign Jarrett Bush to an offer sheet, which GB was able to match. So, they pick Butler to help out on special teams and also learn on the sidelines.

With the #31 pick in the draft, the Arizona Cardinals select Chris Wells - RB - Ohio State.

...with the "edge" getting up there in age and possibly being released, and Hightower mainly being a 3rd down back, the Cards can use this bruiser.


Last pick goes to PIT, represented by UNCFan1.

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