Jim Thomas: Monroe the Likely Pick


Thomas came on Bernie Miklasz's radio show today to discuss the draft, and revealed that there are indications coming from the organization that Monroe will be the pick. This corresponds with glowing comments made by Devaney in his assessment of Monroe.

I am one of the few who prefers Monroe to Curry; I'm consistently seeing doubts about his lateral mobility and ability to be a game changer at the MLB position.

The Rams absolutely cannot whiff on this pick, and historically OT's taken early in the first round have a high rate of success in the NFL. Additionally, Monroe is regarded as having a very high floor; he might be the most "bust-proof" player available in the draft.

Monroe's skill set fits with our new offensive philosophy as well, i.e. he is considered very adept at run blocking as well as pass protection :


Compares To: WALTER JONES, Seattle -- Both players are blessed with excellent athleticism and agility, along with the quick feet to mirror speedy edge rushers. Monroe is a solid run blocker, plays on his feet with very good balance and has excellent body control. He has the strength to gain position when working in-line and creates and widens rush lanes. He is capable of staying on his feet and sustaining blocks, using his hand strength well to lock on and control his man. He competes until the whistle and plays with good aggression. His field vision and awareness are evident by his ability to pick up line games and blitzes. His body control lets him readjust and deliver crunching blocks in the second level. With his fluid body flexibility, he has no problem sinking his hips and anchoring to protect the pocket. By remaining healthy as a senior, he has the athletic ability and pedigree to be the first offensive lineman taken in the 2009 NFL Draft.


Scouts are divided over who is better between Monroe and Jason Smith, but I think at the No. 2 pick, Smith's lack of experience at the position makes him something of a project; he carries significantly more risk than does Monroe. had this to say:

In my opinion, Monroe has the highest floor of any play in the draft, meaning that his worst case scenario is better than most other of the draft. He has the potential to become the next Jonathan Ogden or Tarik Glenn, but at worst could become an above average right tackle in the mold of a Jon Runyan. He deserves to be a Top 5 pick, and I really feel that he could be the best player to emerge from this draft, at least offensively.


Teams live and die with their offensive tackles; Monroe has the ability to be a very solid, and maybe elite, LT for years to come, and he is polished enough to step in immediately. Curry, while a great player in his own right, will struggle to make the same overall impact at MLB; it's simply much harder to do at that position.

Monroe, while he does have his weaknesses, deserves the No. 2 pick.



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