Special Teams May Shine Today - Amendola

Amendola_medium It's no surprise I'm a huge Amendola fan and have a "man crush" as 3k would say. However, if you're a Rams fan, how can you not at this point? Amendola has posted some really crazy return numbers in only a few games so far this season.

Looking at the stats, 'Danny Boy" is averaging a nice 24.3 yards per attempt on KO returns, and took one back 58 yards at one point.

And let us not forget the long return of 90+ that got called back due to a stupid penalty that had no impact on the play whatsoever.

On punt returns, he's averaging 8.1 yards per attempt.

Another interesting factoid, is that he accomplished all of this against some of the very best teams in the NFL (excluding Jacksonville).

The scary part? Danny also feels the best is yet to come...

“I always have something to prove,” Amendola said. “I think there will be some long returns to come and I am looking forward to them. We are just on the brink of breaking one so it will be nice when it happens.”

On the brink? Danny you've already broke 2, (one was called back). You have to love the confidence he shows. He's clearly a bright spot on this struggling team. Now if we can just keep him around longer than Kevin Curtis.

Danny has also impressed with some nice numbers at WR as well. in the past 3 weeks he has posted 13 catches for 103 yards. He has indeed picked up the system quite well.

Detroit has been struggling on special teams, particularly on kickoff returns. Amendola + improved overall special teams play could spell trouble for the Lions.

Could today be the day our special teams unit shines? I can almost picture, somewhere in Detroit, Amendola smiling and licking his chops waiting for 1pm EST.

The one concern is the loss of Massey... our Mr. Reliable, out with a knee injury ending his season. This was a really big blow for the Rams no question.

We brought in Ryan Neill to fill those HUGE shoes... is there a concern? So far it's hard to gauge.

"There’s a lot of adjustment," Neill said. "There’s timing issues where there’s different calls, different terminology, different types of sets. It’s getting used to the timing and all of us getting comfortable."

Neill spent 3 seasons in Buffalo, 2 of which he was their long snapper. Although it doesn't appear he whiffed any snaps, it's still a different system, new scenery, and he's been with the team through only a few practices at best.

He has experience, but we'll see if that experience means anything. Obviously there is a learning curve, but I'll stay positive for now.

I happen to believe with all the focus on our O and D I think special teams could be the sleeper that will play a big part in a win today.

What do you think?

"Oh Danny Boy!"

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