Overreaction Monday: Week 4 @ San Francisco

  We did it!  Four in a row!  Break out the champagne, everybody!  Do you realize how hard it is to accomplish what we have over the last three seasons?  Do you understand how special this run really is?!  We've made it!  We're the most laughable team in the NFL!

  I've paid my duuuuuuuuuuuuuuues, time after tiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiime.... (RIP, Freddie Mercury)

  Overreacting continues after the fold.

  I'm still depressed.  Notes:

 - The fact that Spagnuolo still has these guys competing is impressive (Alex Barron excluded).  It would have been very easy to mail it in, but the effort is there.  Will that effort translate to the win/loss column?  Overreaction in 3...2...1... NEVER!

 - Our passing game strikes fear into the hearts of men.  What defense could possibly want to face this aerial assault, this passing prowess, this labor of the lofty launch?  140 yards per game?  How many Pro Bowlers could our passing attack produce this year?  I smell an overreaction in the air... At least 8.

 - Steven Jackson sucks.  He can't navigate through 8 men in the box (weighing roughly a ton, BTW), break 3-6 tackles, and punch a cheerleader in the chest on his way to the end zone?  Failure.  I think the Rams need to We thank you for flying Overreaction Air; we hope you fly with us again... Cut him now.

 - What happened to the Richie Incognito who made his presence known by clubbing someone well after the play?  I miss him.

 - Mistake-free football is overrated.  Teams who avoid wacky fumbles and botched double reverse handoffs are boring.  Getting out of the way on a punt?  Not our Rams.  Quincy Butler dropped his best Cesc Fabregas impression yesterday, and not only did it lead to a touchdown but (and this is not BS, this is real) he was trying to kick it:

"I thought about falling on it," Butler said. "But my first reaction was just to pick it up and try to kick it out of the end zone or something."

Go, overreaction, go... Promote Quincy Butler to kicker, make Josh Brown the starting left tackle, and sign Randall Cunningham.  He was fun to watch.


  One last note, and this one lacks the overreaction.  I'm sick of being sick of the Rams.  I get pumped up all week just to see them play, and without fail, they start their bumbling ways as soon as the game starts (Donnie Avery fumbled return, Amendola's return brought back) and keep it going all the way until the final whistle.  It's emotionally draining.  While I have dealt with my fandom of bad organizations in the past (early to mid 90s Rams, Univ. of North Texas football & basketball, Dallas Mavericks in the early to mid 90s), I have never had my expectations so completely shattered so quickly.  The season's not lost.  We could still steal a couple games, turn some things around, maybe win 2 out of 3 at the end of the season on a positive note and enjoy the development of Donnie Avery, Chris Long, James Laurinaitis and Jason Smith, but that's hard to envision right now.  We seem to be regressing, and it makes me angry.  And you wouldn't like me when I'm angry...



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