Offensive Reload

The Rams are terrible.  The main reason is their offense.  The defense has been surprisingly impressive and would be much better if they weren't on the field as much and put into bad situations in terms of field position.  Our defense usually starts strong and tires later into the game.  The solution for this is to get an offense.  That is why I think the entire next offseason should be dedicated almost entirely to the rebuilding the offense.  So...

Let's start by looking at what we have on offense:

RB- Steven Jackson

FB- Mike Karney

C- Jason Brown

RG- Richie Incognito

LG- Jacob Bell

LT- Jason Smith

WR- Donnie Avery??


While some of those players may not be great, we are pretty much committed to them by their hefty contracts.  Richie Incognito may not be worthy of the list but he has been pretty good when using his brain.  So that leaves us with the following big needs on offense:

#1 WR




This can be done through the draft if we use this scenario.  Assuming we have the first or second pick of every round:

Rd 1- WR Dez Bryant- Big receiver, can be a true #1 in the NFL.

Rd 2- QB Dan LeFevour- has the size and talent to be a starter in the NFL.

Rd 3- TE Garret Graham-  has good size and hands-- has already caught 23 passes and 4 TD's in 2009. 

Then the rest of the rounds aren't really immediate impact players-- especially when their our late round picks.

QB Colt McCoy would be my choice for first round QB if we went that route.  If we did, then I would say to sign either Brandon Marshall or Braylon Edwards in free agency next season.  They both will probably not want to resign with their current teams and could be gotten.  Then we could get OT and TE in the 2nd and 3rd rounds.  Maybe we could even get a speed RB if that would help.  If we can build a power offense then we could win games with the current defense.  At least this will help us win some games.  I was in favor of D-line in this draft a while ago but after seeing this offense, it is clear that we need some big players.

If we have our current O-line and an offense around them like this:

QB- McCoy/LeFevour

RB- Jackson

FB- Karney

TE- Graham

TE- Fells


WR- Avery- I believe he'll be a big player again with a number one taking on defenders.

WR Robinson/Burton

I know these guys won't all be on the field at the same time and Barron will be gone but if we get a good replacement for Barron then our offense could score 2-4 TD's a game, have control of the ball longer, and keep the defense fresh.  If the defense if fresh, they could keep playing like they do at the beginning of games. 

So in short, making our offense better, makes our defense better.  If we can add a big FA DT along with this offense we could easily win 6-10 games next year.  We just need to get the offense going big time, which I believe is possible in one offseason.  We are really just a couple of big players away, and those big players could be available in the offseason. 

They say defense wins championships, but it can't do it without an offense.  We need to turn back into a power offense.  Next year could be a good year, if we make the right decisions.  Focusing mainly on improving the defense in the offseason, would just be completely boneheaded by management. 

OFFENSE > Defense

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