If you really think about it, the Rams receivers aren't "that" bad

Yes, the Rams are 0-7. Yes, Marc Bulger stinks. Yes, we have no offense. Yes, our receivers can't do crap. This is all true, but think about it for a minute....

Donnie Avery when healthy can be a major threat at any time during the football game. You can throw a screen to him and just let him run. Or as I hoped this year, they can throw him deep (flea-flicker against Indy). Avery is a great weapon when you have someone next to him to help out (go to Laurent Robinson.)

Wow, what a great move by Devaney to get Laurent Robinson from the Falcons. This guy was the #1, then he's out for the season. He's got the size, he's got the athletic ability, and he's got the smarts. I think he's the perfect candidate to be Donnie Avery's counterpart.

Another good move was little known Danny Amendola from the Philadelphia practice squad. This guy has been the best returner we've had since Tony Horne. I think he could be a great slot receiver in this league, and a great speed burst off the line. He has definitely been one of the rays of light this year. If you still don't know about him: read

Keenan Burton has been OK this year, better probably than expected for this year. He looks mature out there, and so far this season he's the only receiver that wasn't dropped a ball (looking at you Tim Carter). Solid player, could be a solid guy like Ricky Proehl.

Ruvell Martin comes from a pass-happy offense in Green Bay where it seems like every receiver on that team could be a #1 or #2 somewhere else. Martin has good size, solid build, and could be very explosive. Martin just has also been hurt and is probably has the most experience on the wideout team.

Tim Carter, who cares, he stinks, he couldn't catch a cold in Alaska, and he should be cut. Next receiver..

Brandon Gibson, he better be good if we traded Will Witherspoon for him. He has to be on that field Sunday in Detroit. Many people in Philly started wondering why this guy wasn't on the field on Sundays. Well, he is a light for the future.

Also, don't forget that the Rams still have 5th round pick Brooks Foster on the IR. He's back next year. And you still have the 2010 NFL Draft. And you have the tight ends, with Randy McMichael and Daniel Fells, and even Billy Bajema can catch a few passes.

But the most important thing you must have for good receivers are quarterbacks that get the ball to them. Marc Bulger just can't do that anymore, and in the first round you will hear either Sam Bradford, Jake Locker, Jimmy Clausen, or Colt McCoy's name called going to the Rams.

Here's a formula for next year: Solid o-line + franchise QB (1st rounder) + solid receiving corp + pro bowl runner, Steven Jackson = pretty good offense.

Add that to the defense that Spags is putting together, and you could actually have a winning season..


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