What We Have/Need (Revised for Trade)

         There has been a lot of talk lately about the next offseason for the Rams.  Well I'm going to do that too, bu that's not all.  I thought it would be nice to look at what the Rams do have and then we can build off of that.  I categorized everyone on the team into the following categories:  Players to build around, Players that need to go/aren't NFL quality, players too unproven to truly categorize, players that make the cut/players for the future, and of course, players on the bubble.  There are a couple that may not be agreed upon by everyone, but I think the players we need to build around are pretty much universally acceptable, with maybe the exception of one, but we'll see.  So here I go.

Players to Keep and Build around

WR Avery-- we can build around him with a big tall athletic receiver, Fitzgerald/Bryant type.
HB Jackson
FB Karney
LT Smith
C Brown
RG Incognito-- no matter how hated he has been, when he is under control, he is a pretty good guard

OLB Witherspoon--getting older but still good enough to build around for the next few years.
MLB Lauranitus
CB Bartell
SS Butler
FS Atogwe

Special Teams
P Jones-- after today, I'm not so sure, but I'm assuming it was a fluke
K Brown


Players that Need to Go/Aren't NFL Quality

QB Boller
HB Gado
HB Darby
WR Carter
C Setterstrom

OLB Lenon
DT Carriker
CB Butler
FS Roach


Players that haven't shown enough to tell
(Maybe means not good enough to be in NFL)


QB Null
OG Allen III
WR Foster
WR Jones

OT Trautwein
WR Martin-- if he ever plays he could be big for us-- we'll see

WR Gibson-- Have no Idea about this guy yet, I guess we'll see.

DE Ah You (has been solid but still unproven)
DT Douzable
DT Scott
LB Douglas
S Smith
DT Ramsey
LB Grant


Players who make the cut/ not centerpieces/ average young players
(will be on the roster next year)


WR Burton
WR Robinson
WR Amendola
OL Greco
TE Fells
TE Bajema

DT Ryan
S Dahl
CB Fletcher


Players on the bubble/ depends on draft picks and signings


QB Bulger (if we don't draft a QB first round, he'll likely stay)
OT Barron
LG Bell
OL Goldberg
TE McMichael

DE Little
DE Long
DE Adeyanju
DT Gibson-- has played well but if we get a big DT, who knows
CB King
CB Wade

OLB Vobora

LS Massey


Free agents to be at season's end


QB Boller
TE McMichael
OG Incognito
OT Barron
DE Adeyanju
DE Little
DT Ryan
CB Wade


Needs:  Big #1 Receiver, DT, DE, CB, Decent Backup HB for SJax, O-line, TE, OLB and of course, QB

While the needs cover every position on the field besides safety and kickers, we still could improve greatly next year by filling 2 or 3 of the big ones (DT, WR, QB).   Hopefully we can get a good, immediate impact second rounder again, like Lauranitus, since it is basically a late first round pick we will have. 

For TE, Scheffler and Daniels are both FA's, if either one of them doesn't get resigned, I'd suck them up pretty quickly.  Also Fasano.  Hopefully we can get one of them or find one in the mid-late rounds of the draft.  Maybe Pitta in the third

For WR, free agency may not be an option anymore.  Earlier in this year it looked like two big receivers would be available, but things have changed ever so much.  Marshall will probably stay in Denver now and Edwards is now with the Jets and may want to stay there.  Vincent Jackson will most likely be resigned by the Chargers.  As for the draft, Bryant is an option if we choose that route, which I doubt we will, so we have to look later.  A couple big guys, Danario Alexander, Eric Decker, and Dezmon Briscoe, could all be good gets.  I also like Bryan Anderson from Central Michigan in the later rounds, maybe to go with Lefevour??  6-5 4.6 40 could go 6th round or later, maybe even undrafted.

For DT/DE, I think this is where we most likely go early in the draft if not for QB.  Suh or Dunlap.  Either one of these guys should still be on the board at number 1 overall.  Both guys are beasts and would greatly improve our line.  I'm leaning towards Suh.  As for the FAs, not much there. Dumervil won't be a FA I'd think.  Peppers is the most likely FA.  But he'll be 30.  Vance Wilfork at DT, likely to be resigned, so really not much there at all.

For OLB, don't see us drafting anyone, probably someone we already have or a FA.  Lots of talent there FA-wise, but most of it will be resigned (Ware, Merriman, etc.)  Perhaps the Chiefs, Derrick Johnson since the talks about him recently.

For HB, I think if we're going to get a real good backup/change of pace for SJax it will have to be a steal late in the draft, because first of all, I don't see us spending a high draft pick on a HB, and second of all, what good HB would want to sign with us?  Jackson believes in and is capable of playing 90+% of the time.  And who would want to be in that situation.  But if I had to pick a FA for us, it would be Jerius Norwood.

For O-line, there are too many possible scenarios to even go into, with the possible release or free agency of Bell, Barron, and Incognito.

For CB, theres some talent to be had, if it goes unsigned.  Dunta Robinson got the franchise tag from the Texans this year, and I don't think he was too happy about it, maybe he'll be a FA.  The loud mouth Carlos Rodgers is a FA too.  Other names are Ellis Hobbs, Marlin Jackson, Leigh Bodden, Roderick Hood, Richard Marshall, Karl Paymah, Fabian Washington and Terrence McGee.  Joe Haden could go second round.  He is projected to be the best CB and a first rounder in the 2011 draft, but this year he is projected as a second rounder.  If he falls, I wouldn't mind taking him.

And last but definitely not least, QB.  We are likely going to replace Bulger next year, whether it be with Null, or someone that is not yet a Ram (most likely).  Potential FA's- Campbell, Orton, Pennington and Tavaris Jackson.  Out of those guys I'd take any of the three not named Pennington.  But that is most likely a moot point because the Rams will not go after a FA QB unless necessary.  If we go first round, Colt McCoy, Sam Bradford, Jake Locker, and Jimmy Clausen are the most likely options.  I'd prefer one of the last two.  But if we don't go first round, which is about a 50-50 shot we don't, I say we go for Dan Lefevour, in the 2nd or 3rd round.  My hopes would be to get him in the third if we could, but we can't miss on him if we pass on the FA's and the first rounder.  I would love to have him, maybe, MAYBE, he could even develop a season under Bulger, since he wouldn't be making big first round QB money.


So with all that said, here are the players I'd like to get out of the draft:

Rd. 1- DT Suh

Rd. 2- CB Haden

Rd. 3- QB Lefevour

Other players I'd like to get:

WRs Bryan Anderson and/or Danario Alexander

It's hard to predict late rounds and it is getting pretty late, but those are 4 or 5 players I would love to get out of the 2010 draft.


I think we need to get at least 4 starters out of this draft.  9 draft picks, the first 3 rounds should all be good enough to be starters, and hopefully we could hit with a 4th or one of our two 5th rounders.

I <3 LeFevour

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