Overreaction Monday: Week 5 vs. Minnesota (Optimism edition)

  Look out, NFL.  The Rams are on the verge of a serious playoff run.  We've figured everything out, and going 10-3 over the remaining 13 games is a lowball guess. Why?

The good

 - The Rams racked up 400 yards of total offense.  TGSOT2.0, suckas!  And Marc Bulger returned in fine style - 7 for 7, 12.6 yards per pass and a TD.  I think he was just hustling everyone, lulling them into a state of complacency before turning it on.

 - While Jared Allen continues to give traditional media outlets wet dreams, they conveniently overlooked the fact that he finished the game with as many sacks and tackles as Chris Long.

 - Adrian Peterwho?  Less than 70 yards compared to Jackson's 84, and we passed more heavily than in any game this season.

 - James Laurinaitis' 6 tackles and an interception cement him as a developing star in the NFL.  Cornerstone of the defense?  Uh, yes.

 - Richie Incognito stayed off the microphone.  And Alex Barron looked like a football player.

The bad

 - Gary Gibson had been a revelation this season until a cheap shot ended his season yesterday.  He might be back in time for the wild card game.

 - Chris Long is now tied for 7th on the team with 0 sacks.  This aggression will not stand.

 - Samkon Gado got three carries and a reception.  Why?  What does he do better than Steven Jackson?  I understand AxJax is being worked heavily and he deserves a rest, but can't we find better ways to give him a break than to use Samkon Gado?  Kenneth Darby, albeit in just 7 carries, is averaging 5.6 yards per carry.  Take out his 11 yard rumble, and he's carried the ball three times for four yards.  Two of those were on downs where we needed 1 yard for the first - once he ended a productive drive early in the San Fran game, and another yesterday in which he barely converted a 2nd and 1.  I'm still hoping Darby gets the looks Gado is getting if we're not going to give them to Steven Jackson.

 - And to end on a wonderful high note, the Rams are better at the inexplicable red zone fumble than anyone, whether it's on our end of the field or our opponents.  With a very winnable game next weekend in Jacksonville staring us in the face, I think I speak for everyone when I ask Coach Spagnuolo to run some ball control drills this week.  Please.  The Rams have fumbled the ball 6 times, and lost 5 of those.


  What else is still on your mind after yesterday's motivating loss, if there ever was one?

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