Spagnuolo emerging as Rams coaching candidate

The Rams head coaching search is inching closer to resolution. With the Broncos naming New England OC Josh McDaniels to their head coaching job, they leave only the Rams, Lions and Jets in the hunt for a head coach. So who's it going to be for the Rams?

Mark this morning's article in the Post-Dispatch about NY Giants defensive coordinator Steve Spagnuolo. The Rams have interest and in all likelihood will interview him soon, now that the Giants playoff run is over...after one game. Spagnuolo's name came back on the Rams radar after reports that he'd be too expensive surfaced, which ownership quickly denied as a factor in their head coach search. At one point in time, Spagnuolo was considered a leading candidate for the Jets job, but rumors flew that his interview left them kinda "meh" on his prospects. There's also the matter of the 3-4 defense the Jets built, rather expensively, and Spagnuolo's preference for the 4-3. Jets offensive coordinator Brian Schottenheimer, for the moment, figures to be leading the Jets' list. Of course, it all depends on when you read it and who you read - ah, the NYC media market - but one report has Rex Ryan in the lead for the Jets vacancy, and after Saturday's game I can see why. The Jets can also top salary offers from other teams. 

In Detroit, Spagnuolo is considered a "long shot," though he'll likely be invited for a second interview. The Lions have already set up a second interview Titans coordinator Jim Schwartz. 

So where does that leave the Rams? It shoots Spagnuolo's name up the chart, probably making him an automatic finalist along with Leslie Frazier, Rex Ryan and Jim Haslett. And who could this "mystery candidate" be that's mentioned in the PD article? I guess we'll find out. I updated 3k's handy coaching chart, removing McDaniels' name and adding Spagnuolo to the list. 

Coach Current team Current position
Todd Bowles Miami Dolphins Asst. / Secondary Coach Will interview week of 1/12
Jim Fassel N/A TV/radio commentator Interviewed 1/8, not considered a frontrunner

Leslie Frazier

Minnesota Vikings Defensive Coordinator Finalist, second interview 1/13
Jim Haslett Rams Head Coach Finalist interviewed Jan. 5th
Steve Spagnuolo NY Giants Defensive Coordinator

Likely to be interviewed as finalist

Winston Moss Green Bay Packers Asst. / Linebackers Coach Interviewed Jan. 3rd, no second interview
Rex Ryan Baltimore Ravens Defensive Coordinator Interviewed 1/11, "went well"
Ray Sherman Dallas Cowboys Wide Receivers Coach Will interview week of 1/12

Couple other tangental Rams coaching notes of interest:


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