The Begining of the Argument FOR Jim Haslett

[Note by VanRam, 12/15/08 1:04 PM EST ] It's not often you hear  the other side of the argument for Jim Haslett, with the Rams poor play. Though not the most popular position, it needs to be heard, and I'd like to thank long-time TSTer Tackle Box for his thoughtful consideration in defense of Haslett.

People here were clamoring for the young players to get some playing time, but what we see it they’re not any good either. Sure some are, but as you point out, most are bad. Heck, a lot of these guys aren’t good enough to be on practice squads of other teams, yet I’m supposed to hold Jim Haslett accountable for not winning football games with these losers? Please.

As you also pointed out, Incognito was a drive killing machine. Do you really think that’s a coaching issue? Have the coaches not informed him not to do stupid things on the field that will cost the team chances to continue drives (yesterday) or game winning field goal attempts? Is there a coach out there who could get it through that moron’s thick skull? I doubt it.

Is there a coach who can tell Darby to quit dropping passes and fumbling the ball?

There is so much incompetence on this team, I simply cannot hold Haslett accountable. It’s just 100% unfair to handcuff the guy with idiots, losers, and horrible players and then hold him accountable for not winning football games.

He and Billy Devaney deserve a chance to build this team. Give ‘em one year, and I bet you see an improvement. But, it’s gonna take more than one year. You just can’t cut a coach every time you have a bad season. Bryan Burwell made a great point in today’s column. He pointed to Jeff Fisher who was 1-5 as interim head coach with the Houston Oilers and then went on to have 4 straight losing seasons, but management stuck with him since they could see his vision and they understood that building a franchise that was in that much peril takes a long time.

This Rams team is much worse off than that Oilers team was when Fisher took over. You’ve got to give it time. 12 games isn’t nearly enough time to make a decision to cut Haslett. He and Devaney haven’t even had an offseason together to work on the roster. This is going to take time.

This is going to take time.

I keep saying that because I think a lot of people here are missing that point. Outside of Steven Jackson and Chris Long, I doubt any of the players currently under contract will be with this team when it’s gets good again. That kind of change doesn’t happen overnight and it isn’t going to happen if you keep switching coaches. If Devaney believes in Haslett then I trust him. Build a staff and then build the team.

There’s been so much dysfunction at Rams Park, the change must start there first and then on to the players. You need the right people making the decisions.

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